Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love is . . . Love is . . . Love is . . .

Love is . . .
Love is . . .         LOVE IS . . .
Love is . . .

(i)      Having onto words you say
(ii)     Having someone to share yourlife with
(iii)    Waiting for you to return
(iv)    Having someone to scratch your back
(v)     Knowing that you're never by yourself
(vi)    Togetherness forever.

Love is . . . Walk in the Rain

Love is . . . Sailing in the Same Boat

Love is . . . Making him Dance to your Tunes

Love is . . . Dog's Life

Love is . . . Keeping him Healthy

Saturday, April 10, 2010

जिंदगी से कैसा शिकवा

मन कर रहा है किसी एक जगह जाकर साँस लूँ जहाँ ये जिस्म जान को तकलीफ पहुँचाने वाले रिश्ते न हो मगर तमाम खवाहिशे कहाँ पूरी होती हैं ? सच तो ये था कि मेरा रिश्तों कि सच्चाई पर से ईमान ही उठ गया था और दूसरों से भलाई कि उम्मीद रखनी मैंने कब कि छोड़ रखी है।

कहते है कि जहाँ अँधेरा हो वहां रौशनी कि एक किरण जरुर होती है। हमें अँधेरे कि बजाय रौशनी कि किरण पर नजर रखनी चाहिए।

इन्सान को वसीलो से नवाजना खुदा कि शान है। आप जिस चीज के लिए सर तोड़ कोशिश करते हैं वह आप को न मिल पाए तो जान ले कि वो आपके नसीब में नहीं है, लेकिन कोशिश कभी बेकार नहीं जाती। अल्लाह इस के इनाम से किसी न किसी सूरत जरुर देता है।

पर एक ख्याल मन में ये भी आता है कि हमे अपना ख्याल खुद रखना चाहिए। उनके लिए जो हमसे मोहब्बत करते हैं, हमे देख देख कर जीते हैं।

पर सच्चाई से हम मुंह नहीं मोड़ सकते और सच ये है हम जो कुछ झेलते हैं शायद बहुत पहले कहीं ऊपर लिखा जा चुका होता है। यही तक़दीर है फिर जिंदगी से कैसा शिकवा ?

सब कुछ लिखा और कई बार पड़ा फिर मन में ख्याल आया कि ये सब इतना आसान है ?


Each time I miss you, a star falls down from the sky. So if you looked up at the sky and found it dark with no stars,

it is all your fault. You made me miss you too much!

I heard someone whisper your name,

But when I turned around to see who it was, I was alone.

Then I realized that it was my heart telling me that


Love Out Loud Love

God Loves you.

Picture in your mind all the ways you can make god love you more. Go ahead. Think about it. What do you come with?

Well you should know that you can think all day, but there is not one thing you can do to make God love you more. That's because he can't love you any more than he already does. He loves you with a forever love. We can displease him but he won't love us less because of it.

What if :- SUCCESS

What if . . . you had a lot of money? Anything you wanted you could buy. Now you'd a probably have a preety long shopping list. With all that money many people would say that you are successful.

But what about that other list? The real list of things that money can't buy. The list that comes from the heart. The real list probably includes: you long to be loved; you want to your family to get along: you need to be accepted just the way you are and you want that hole in your heart filled which only God can do.

Who is Lucky, Who Know?


Color Coded

Colors are more than acombination of red and blue or yellow or black. They are non verbal communication. Colors have symbolism and color meanings that go beyond ink.
Red : It indicates a desire for dominance power and attention.
Pink : You have an update attitude.
Black : You're all about elegance and authority.
Yellow : It speaks of optimism and alertness.
Burgundy : A clear symbol of passion.
Brown : It signifies reliability.
Gray : You are intelligent and efficient.
Blue : It conveys orginility and a flair for organisation.
White : You are intensely private and a perfectionist.
Purple : It shows a spontaneous side.
Green : This reveals a compassionate nature.

Now you can identify your personality by the color

Love Marriage

We know many things about India and other world.
There is also one thing to know marriage.

Love marriage around the world are simple:
Boy loves girl, Girl loves boy
They get married.
In India, there are a few more step:
Boy loves girl, Girl loves boy.
Girl's family has to love Boy. Boy's Family has to love Girl.
Girl's family has to love Boy's Family. Boy's family has to love Girl's Family.
Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married.

From Old Friend

First, I was dying to finish my high school and start colllege
And then I was to dying to finish college and start working
Then I was dying to marry and have children
And then I was dying for my children to grow old enough
So i could go back to work
But then I was dying to retire
And now I am dying ...
And suddenly I realized
i forget to live

Please don't let this happen to you
Appreciate your current situation
and enjoy each day

One more thing ...
To make money we lose our health,
and then to restore our health we lose our money ...
We live as if we are never going to die,
and we die as if we never lived.